Dr. Alexandra Nocke - Internships and Secondary education


Internships and Secondary education

Six-week internship at the Berliner Festspiele GmbH, and the J├╝dischen Gemeinde zu Berlin for the Jewish Cultural Festival 1995; 

Three-month trip to Israel; worked and interned in several cultural institutions, e.g., the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Cinematheque Tel Aviv, and the Department of Culture of the City of Tel Aviv;


Three-month study trip to the USA, interned at the headquarters of the international exchange organization Youth For Understanding (Washington, D.C.).

Secondary education:

Abitur (high school diploma) at the Clara Schumann Gymnasium, Bonn; during high school years, participated in several exchange programs (e.g. to Croydon, England).

First visit to Israel as part of an exchange program with Tichon Dalet High School (Tel Aviv).

Senior year spent at Phoenix Country Day School, USA; received U.S. high school diploma.


English  close to native speaker proficiency
Hebrew  fluent in speaking and writing
French reading knowledge
Latin Latinum (advanced Latin proficiency exam)